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Move-the-Vote Sacramento

Organize Sacramento, has partnered with Sacramento Area Congregations Together, community leaders, and other local regional nonprofit social justice organizations to advocate for improving election access for voters. We have launched a community coalition campaign to move County elected Executive Officer positions of; Sheriff, District Attorney and Assessor, elections from midterm years to Presidential years.

Why Move the vote? 

Support Assembly Bill 759!​
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Email your Assemblymember and ask them to vote AYE on AB759.
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There are lots of reasons to move the election of these Sacramento County elected officers. One reason they should be moved is that the increased turnout of voters in election years (15%+) will result in candidates elected who better represent the majority of the residents of Sacramento County. Moving the elections for these officers could also save the County money.

  • There are three officers who are elected Countywide – Assessor, Sheriff, and District Attorney.

  • Each Officer has a lot of power and autonomy, running their own departments and operating somewhat independently of the oversight of the Board of Supervisors and the appointed County Administrator.

These officers matter. They impact people’s lives whether we realize it or not.


Sheriff = Law enforcement and jails;

District Attorney = Decides whether, and what charges to bring;

Assessor = Valuation OR devaluation of properties in our neighborhoods

  • Between 2000-2018, voter turnout in Sacramento County was 14-16% higher in presidential years  over gubernatorial years. - That difference can change the outcome of an election, and what it means is that a marginal percentage of voters are selecting and electing these officers. 

Please read the attached white paper memo below to find many more reasons why moving the vote in Sacramento County  makes sense, and how- working together we can make it happen.

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