Boards & Commissions

Leadership Institute

Bi-monthly Saturdays Beginning in January of 2021!

Note: Due to COVID-19 Start date now is TBD.

We are now accepting Nomination Applications for the 2021 Boards & Commissions Leadership Institute!

Each candidate should follow these steps in order to be considered as a BCLI Fellow:

1. Locate a Nominator. All BCLI Fellows must be nominated by either a BCLI alum, or by a community organization with which the candidate has been affiliated. Each organization and each BCLI alum may nominate only one candidate each year. This is to ensure shared accountability throughout the communities in which we are targeting board and commission seats and a diverse cohort of multiple networks. If you do not know of an affiliated organization who can serve as your Nominator, contact BCLI leadership to try to identify an organization in your interest area to serve as your Nominator. ​

   2. Complete & Submit the Nomination Packet Materials via this link: 

Questions? Click here for Nomination Guidelines




OR Send us an email to:

About BCLI:

The Boards & Commissions Leadership Institute (BCLI) provides public policy training for our Sacramento area community advocates. It's time that neighborhood leaders have not just a voice, but a seat on the dais.

For our training institute, we seek out and recruit people from low-income communities and communities of color who have a proven track record of leadership as social justice advocates in their neighborhoods. They’re distinguished by a passion to change systems by learning the important aspects of public policy development from the inside. We deeply invest in each cohort through our five-month BCLI fellowship, which teaches advocates how to understand complex and intersecting policy arenas, navigate the culture and language of commissions, and build effective relationships in and outside the commission.

Public policy topics covered by the BCLI: 

Regionalism and Equity

Land Use and Structural Racialization

Affordable Housing

Health Equity

Transportation Justice

Workplace Equity/Labor 101

Time Commitment: 

(7) Bi-monthly Saturdays in the late Summer/Fall of 2020 (TDB due to Covid-19)

Saturday Sessions: 9:00 - 5:00pm (Breakfast & Lunch Provided)

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